Friday, May 12, 2006

SWINDON SLAM! 8pm Saturday 13th May

Swindon Slam! and Quick Quip Quiz
Town Hall, Regent Circus
Tel 01793 463210

8.00pm • 13 May • £6 (£5)

SWINDON SLAM! and QUICK QUIP QUIZ . . . and Festival Finale, hosted with charm and good cheer by Marcus Moore and Sara-Jane Arbury and played, applauded, and enjoyed by you. Welcome to the tenth Swindon Slam! combined with the fourth Quick Quip Quiz, back by popular and prize-hungry demand. There will be poems to please, questions to tease, and prizes aplenty.

The Swindon Slam! is an opportunity for poets of any age, experience, or pedigree to take their gaze off the page and do it on stage; to share their verve and verse with a supportive and appreciative audience; to seize their moment to stanza and deliver.

This is what happens. Poets who want to have a go, apply to enter as soon as possible. Numbers of competitors is limited - numbers of applaudience is not! On the night, competing poets are called up on stage to perform for three minutes each. From then on, it’s a knockout! Kindly judges, chosen from the kindly audience, decide who inspires and who expires. But whatever their fate, all competitors can expect a rush of adrenalin, roars of applause, and showers of flowers. Everyone is a winner and gets a prize, even if it’s only a choccy haiku. But only one poet becomes the tenth Swindon Slam! champion and carries off the bubbly-filled trophy.

If you want to compete, ring the referee on 01285 640470 or e-mail

Hosting proceedings, ensuring that we have a fantastic festival finale frolic, juggling judgements, crunching numbers, and presiding with wit, wisdom, and whistle, will be that Spiel-slick partnership, master mischief-maker Marcus Moore, and deceptively-deft and delightful Sara-Jane Arbury.

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