Sunday, May 21, 2006

'Poetry as Male Display': Greer at the Hay Festival 27th May

I don't usually include events on this listings site that are not LIVE poetry events, but this 'annual poetry masterclass' topic by Germaine Greer just excites and tickles me and gets so many people going, it seems, that I decided to post it here anyway. And I'm the boss, so there's no one to argue with me.

Unlike on the Poem Forum where we argued so much about this male versus female poets issue so much they actually closed the thread! So much for civilised conversations about poetry ...

Here's the link to that now closed thread, which should hopefully work okay:
Poem Forum/gender in UK poetry

I can't personally make this event, as I have other commitments, but if anyone does go and can tell me all about it, please do email me with your comments at janeholland (at) and if anyone knows if there will be a transcript of this masterclass available, do also let me know.

Hay Festival 2006 Saturday 27 May 2006

17:30 36 - Germaine Greer £8.00 The Eos Marquee

Poetry as Male Display

In her annual poetry masterclass, Greer explores the idea that ‘Literature is a masculinist invention; poetry in particular is a spectacular form of male display. Women have to adapt a language which objectifies them absolutely to become the speakers, the verbal aggressors.’

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