Saturday, May 06, 2006

Poems & Pints at the Swindon Festival TONIGHT!

Poems and Pints
Town Hall, Regent Circus, Swindon
Tel 01793 463210

Being held at 8pm TONIGHT Saturday 6 May • £6 (£5)

POEMS & PINTS – rhyme, rhythm, and refreshment,
in a relaxed cabaret setting!

Pulsating performance poetry, featuring four fabulous versifiers and hosted with customary caprice by the ever-mischievous Marcus Moore. This quick-witted quartet bring quality, quills, and versatile voices to the Festival for an effervescent evening of the very best in performance poetry.

Emphatically persuasive Emma Purshouse is a lively and original comedienne whose poetic pen has won her many admirers among audiences – and tram travellers! Dry, wry humour and deceptively perceptive observations.

Byron Vincent’s biro vindicates his being hailed as one of the country’s brightest versifiers. Last year’s Swindon Slam winner takes a poignant, pointed look at the language and laughter of urban subculture. Barking doggerel and bad ass badinage.

Lucidly engaging Lucy English has been there, done that, worn the T-shirt, washed it, ironed it and put it away in a drawer. . . but the nib of the original ‘Slam Sex Goddess’ continues to nip with irony and charm, with elegant and fragrant smut. Class, clarity and close-quarter clout.

And one of nature’s finest, Nathan Filer, brings us more memorable examples of his stylish stylus, with characteristic invention, linguistic ingenuity and grin-inducing asides. Pieces plucked from a proud plumage.

Come and be served, for bitter or verse!

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