Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WARWICK: Peter Carpenter and Matt Nunn

Sunday, October 4th, 2009, 1pm, FREE
Kozi Bar,
Market Square,

A Warwick Words Festival Event

To celebrate the launch of Peter Carpenter's After The Goldrush and Matt Nunn's Sounds In The Grass from Nine Arches Press, the poets discuss their unique perspectives on the English landscape with poet and Director of the Warwick Writing Programme, David Morley.

Whether it is the post-industrial wayside spaces in-between the Midlands' cities and country of Matt Nunn's raw and subversive poems, or Peter Carpenter's subtle yet disarming work that inhabits the hinterlands of the commuter-belt South East, both have plenty to say about the environs in and about which they write.

Discover how poetry today interprets and reinvents the unexpected and often unsung places in which we find ourselves.

About these books:

Peter Carpenter
Peter Carpenter’s poetry is radiant with quiet surprises, important moments captured in the folds of an old document wallet, in back gardens or on winter sea-fronts, buried in the sand or hidden by the noise of a football crowd. Such moments take flight to uncover a distinctive take on both ‘the here and now’ and the echoes of public and private histories. After the Goldrush is thus of its time and about time, in the attentive, skilful hands of a poet truly hitting his stride.

Matt Nunn
Join Matt Nunn as he travels through the spaces that define us, taking in subjects as diverse as Mother Nature, the back catalogues of youth, breaking down at the greasy spoon and hitting the highways, all accompanied by generous and bittersweet helpings of food, sex and music. Matt Nunn’s third collection, following on from Apocalyptic Bubblegum and Happy cos I’m Blue is his most complete yet.

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