Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Glasgow Events

Last Monday at Rio
Monday September 28
The Rio cafe, 27 Hyndland Street
8pm - 10pm-ish FREE

At Partick's premier spoken word stage this month we host the effervescent and dynamic ANITA GOVAN. Anita is the performance poet made manifest, mixing radical verse with hypnotic repetitions, using props, whistles, whirlie things and instances of glorious unbridled noise to claim all adjacent airspace as her own. Don't miss.

The first hour of the evening features five minute spots at the mic from poets ranging through those of some standing to utter novices. Get yourself in amongst them by claiming a slot. Cairns is your compere. Contact him on

The Rio Cafe
27 Hyndland Street, Glasgow
Sunday 4th October - 8pm
Admission Free

Poets from all parts are invited to test their rubber claws in the Teddy-bear-pit of Slam Competition. Usual Glasgow rules. Everyone goes up to the mic twice, 2 minutes each time. (Don't run over, you will be honked off) The panel of judges will mark for poem, for performance and for audience reaction. The three highest scorers go through to the final on the night in which they have 3 minutes to try to snag the prize money and the title of Glasgow Slam Champion. (£50 for the winner).
Enter by contacting

Come and have a go if you think you're bard enough!

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