Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rhymes Won't Wait

Supported by Ideas Tap ( and produced by Time Won’t Wait (, Rhymes Won’t Wait is the beginning of a new world of spoken word. Fusing the art form with YOUR opinions on issues that matter – raising the profile, raising the stakes, taking it to the next level.

WE ARE: Thinking it’s the right time, it’s about time, for us to bring about a first-time event that will showcase a collective of London’s top spoken word talent whilst addressing socially-engaged issues which effect us all every day. The subject for the first event is 'CONFLICT'.

WE WANT: You to apply to be a part of the Rhymes Won’t Wait collective. If you love making words paint a picture of how you see the world, then we want to see them, hear them, read them. Get on it.

YOU CAN: Send us your poem, of up to 350 words, on conflict - what it means to you, your experiences with it, what you want to say about it.

YOU CAN: Send us audio clips of a conflict-themed poem / spoken word piece.

YOU CAN: Send us a video of a conflict-themed poem/spoken word piece. You can choose whether to be in it or not, but as with each method of submission ALL WORDS MUST BE YOUR OWN. Visit for inspiration and more details.

Please send you submission with your name, age, email, phone number. You can add a few words about yourself too although we're happy to let your poetry do the talking.
But if there's something really special you need to share, like your mode of transport is fire-powered boots or your Granddad was in the A-Team, then do let us know.

CLOSING DATE: Thursday 15 OCTOBER 2009 Criteria: 18-30 year olds

WE WILL: Select up to 10 lucky finalists to become part of the Rhymes Won’t Wait Collective.

YOU WILL: Have a stage, a space to show your work off to the world, to shout about what you think and why. You will get workshops and training with some of London’s most respected and established superstar poets, writers, spoken word artists and rappers.

YOU WILL: With the group, create an exciting and unique spoken word show which will present your individual and collective responses to the theme of CONFLICT in a central London venue; to an audience of talent-spotters and with the support of your people, our people, all the people!

If you’re not feeling being on stage but would still like to contribute, please upload words, images, audio to do with CONFLICT onto our Ning site. This material will inform and inspire our rising spoken word stars and all work will be credited. Also, COME TO THE EVENT! Updates on dates and venue will be posted on

Send to: Visit:

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