Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Thursday, September 24th, 2009, 8pm, £5
The Mixing Bowl Theatre@The Custard Factory

The Best of Birmingham’s Performance Poetry

Marcus Taylor started performing his own poetry through the encouragement and tutelage of Wrote Under's Sunday Express. He has a large quantity of self penned 'straight' poetry and a small collection of 'comedic' poetry and supported John Cooper Clarke as part of last year's Comedy Festival

Dave Reeves was editor of Raw Edge Magazine for 13 years and now presents a spoken word and music show for, the internet spoken word broadcaster and has had work commissioned by BBC Radios 4 & 5.

Kerry Orange writes poems that combine a sense of place with intimate memories. His work is full of play with sounds as well as details of towns, landscapes and journeys. He is also guitarist and singer of The Orange, whose debut album Concealed Exit is available on itunes.

Kimmy Sue Ann, freshly arrived from her most recent bemused and accidental appearances on1click2fame talent show, is dysfunctional and proud of it and regales audiences with recitations of her poetry wot has got social comment in it. Innit. Visit www.1click2fame for a sneak preview.

MC Lorna Meehan

Plus The Rhymes Raffle and The Wordbag Challenge!

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