Wednesday, March 02, 2011

BIRMINGHAM: Rhymes Out Of Town Special

Wednesday, 16th March, 2011, 8pm, £5
South Birmingham College
(Digbeth Campus)

From Brighton: Oliver Gozzard
An established poet whose repertoire bridges the light and amusing and the dark and profound. His first book, The Commuter's Tale, a thriller in verse inspired by the life of Lord Byron, has just been published by Desert Hearts.

From Bath: Jack Dean
MC and poet, was born in Tooting, raised in the southwest UK, and likes to wonder all over the place telling stories of love, loneliness, nostalgia and midget porn. Hammer and Tongue Slam Champion, Apples and Snakes featured artist and holder of the highest Pac-Man score of anyone he knows.

From London: Superbard
Who performs Live-Lad-Lit and recently stormed the stage at Apples and Snakes night Jawdance with a bizarre yet strangely plausible film pitch. "perfectly pitched; the script is funny and inventively surreal. Don't miss it." 4*s Three Weeks

From Milton Keynes: Richard Frost
A poet a bit like smoking - not big, hard or clever, offensive to some, banned from most public places and always leaves you feeling vaguely unsatisfied, he has been writing poetry on the quiet for ages, hoping to remain un-noticed in his lifetime and then have some iro

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