Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AYR: The Ayrshire Slam

Thursday, January 28th, 2010, 8pm, £3
7 River Street,

Slam is the punk of the poetry world. It's free-speech pushed to a competitive max. Rhymers, ravers, rappers and rhapsodists take to the mic for three-minute bursts to impress the panel of judges. Slam poets can be comic, they can be heartfelt, they can be near the knuckle - but they are the voice of the public of Scotland expressing themselves as they see fit. The winner of the Ayrshire Slam will receive prize money of £50 and the chance to take part in the Scottish Slam Championships at the Mitchell Theatre on the first day of the Aye Write Festival on March 5th.

The slam is open to everyone. Each poet will perform twice, for three minutes each time. Don't run over, you will be timed. The judges will mark the participants for poem, for performance and for audience reaction. The three poets who score highest will go into the final on the night, where they will have another three minutes to try to win the title. So you need three pieces of up to three minutes long. All styles of spoken word are allowed but no musical instruments please, and no backing tracks. Robin Cairns is your compere.

Please register to take part by giving your name to

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