Thursday, July 12, 2007

Want to Take Your Cabaret Act to Edinburgh?

FROM MATCHBOX (Coventry-based Poetry Venture/Magazine):

Matchbox is thinking of going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, to perform at The C Venue Cabaret bar for one night only (more if we get good). We are currently looking to recruit a team of people to take part in a rehearsed poetry reading / acoustic gig and a resurrected version of 'Kinship and Miscalculation' (poetry performance piece that made its debut at WSAF this year).

Although we cannot pay or contribute towards board or travel, this is a fantastic excuse to get up to the fringe and to perform in a professional cabaret venue to a large and keen audience.

If you would like to write, perform (musically or poetically or otherwise), produce or direct please get in contact with Thom or me (Chloe) at this address - - or by phone (details below).

If you are already at the fringe, let us know too and we'll get you involved. Let us know what capacity you would like to be involved and when you are available and we'll go from there. (Dates and times are to be confirmed but Thom and I will be up there for the whole month so we are flexible.)

Looking forward to your eager replies,
Chloe (07828166375)
and Thom (07719897130)

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