Saturday, July 07, 2007

Langoustine: Experimental Poetry & Fiction etc. at the Poetry Cafe: TONIGHT

La Langoustine est Morte

Saturday July 7th

"A thrilling fusion of multimedia, abstract poetics, risqué fictions, spiritual songs and ambient mischief."

Poetry Cafe
22 Betterton Street
Covent Garden


Anonymous said...

This never happened, please check their myspace site before posting, hope no one showed up.

(Their myspace site now says they will be back in august but I know the organizers and as far as I know they are both away and the next reading will be in Sept.)

Jane Holland: Editor said...

I love these anonymous pieces of advice ... 'please check their mspace site before posting' etc.

Yeah, I have time to check all sites of every person or organisation who asks me to post up info about their events JUST IN CASE they've changed the details.


This is why there's a note - or certainly used to be a note - advsiing people to CHECK FOR THEMSELVES before making a special trip to a poetry event. Because I just post up what I've been given to post up or seen on another site. I'm not paid for doing POF in any way so my time is valuable and if details are wrong - caveat emptor.

Bluh @**&@!