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3rd London Poetry Festival 2007: August 10th - 13th

3rd London Poetry Festival 2007

August 10th-13th

The Third London Poetry Festival 2007 is taking place in August 10-13 in London and will be inaugurated by Right Honourable Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Minister for Transport (Former Minister for London).

The London Poetry Festival grew out of Poet's Letter Magazine Poetry Performance and Live Music Series that started in March 2005 at the Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, one year later than the founding of Poet's Letter. Our Performance Series grew into its third year and still growing in strength. We had the first Festival at The Poetry Cafe in August 2005 where many of our panel of poets took part as well as a lot of other poets published in the Magazine and Poet's Letter Poetry Anthology of New Voices. We had a great memorable event.

We thought this could become a regular Annual Poetry Festival in London, a celebration of Contemporary English Poetry. And there was the second Festival in 2006 at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) which was a resounding success and now in 2007 the third Festival looks set to celebrate in a four-day poetic feast: August 10, 11, 12 and 13th, Friday to Monday. 2nd London Poetry Festival was featured in British Satellite News Channel in 2006.

From the second Festival we developed Festival Poets in Residence Programme as part of London Poetry Festival's commitments to new, young and emerging poetic voices and offered five poets the Residencies who became the Signature presentation of the Festival. The Residencies of the 2nd Festival went to these talented poets: Alan Buckley, Dr Girija Emma Jane Shettar, Luke Wright, Malgorzata Kitowski and Philip Ruthen.

3rd Festival Residencies have been offered to: Briony Dennis: Hampshire, Inua Ellams: Nunhead, Southwark, London, Juli Jeana: Southbank, Southwark, London, Tom Chivers: East London and Tricia Peak: Dover

This year the Festival will have a European Poetry Night (Sunday, 12th August) to which a lot of European poets are expected to join in. Confirmed poets are: Tomas Sanchez Santiago, Dr Natalia Carbajos and Gracia Iglesia (Spain).

Every evening the Festival will conclude with live music.

London Poetry Festival has never received, nor does it receive now, any funding from any public bodies or grant making foundations and is purely funded by Poet's Letter and the hard works, supports and contributions of the astonishing band of people: editors, poets, writers, singers, musicians, song writers, artists, PR professionals, journalists, dancers, librarians, youth workers, teachers, parents and simply people who are into living in a community that is bigger than themselves.

Apart from performances by established and emerging and young English poets there is an OPEM MIC Session at every evening to offer opportunities to newcomers to perform their work.

Sponsorship proposals are highly welcome and be treated as a great support. So many ways everyone could offer their support to the Festival and we hope as always the Festival would receive your support.

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