Sunday, July 01, 2007

Peter Wyton performs at Ledbury: Monday July 2nd


Monday July 2nd
8pm to 10pm
Ther Market Theatre, Ledbury
(Event 24)

"18 historically based poems composed by Peter Wyton will be presented, linked by sketches devised by John Burns, the Festival’s founder. In the hands of these two alone, the programme might be expected to descend into unseemly farce, but this fate has been deftly avoided by the inclusion of locally based Lucy Chalkley, a consummately skilled actress whose professionalism adds more than a touch of class to the proceedings. Notwithstanding her gallant efforts, amongst the delights on offer along the via from Roman occupation to the present day, the audience will encounter Boadicea’s estranged husband going on about her driving, King Ethelred will be revealed as more Unsteady than Unready, chastity belts will be plugged as the new must-have fashion accessory, Oliver Cromwell squares up to a Health & Safety inspector and Beatrix Potter is introduced to rap culture. There will be an Olde English Grammar lesson, a revealing kiss-and-tell episode involving Flora Macdonald & Bonnie Prince Charlie, Elizabeth Tudor appears on ‘Blind Date’ and Disraeli and Gladstone go head to head with Queen Vic as referee.

Not everybody and everything gets sent up. Hereward the Wake, Scott of the Antarctic, the bandmaster of the Titanic and the Old Contemptibles are all examples of persons who will be treated with due respect."

Tickets are available from the Festival Box Office, 0845 4581743

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