Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Wednesday, September 21st, 2011, 8pm, £5
The Station Pub,
Kings Heat
This month’s poets are James Bunting, James Barnett, Naomi Paul, David Calcutt and special guests The Decadent Poetry Divas!

JAMES BUNTING has been performing for around a year, though writing much longer. In that time he has won several slams, including representing his university in two team slams, performed in cities around the country and was lucky enough to perform at Latitude festival this summer.
JAMES BARNETT is a cataloguing librarian from the University of Birmingham who awkwardly stumbled into the spoken word arena in February, performing his first ever open-mic slot at ‘Hit the Ode’. As befitting a librarian, his metaphors are dusty and his line-breaks suitably wary of disorder.
NAOMI PAUL is a comedian and actress as well as an engaging and versatile poetess. Whether riding a hippy bus out of downtown Oakland, or protesting about books thrown out of libraries, Naomi gives a hilarious quirky unique viewpoint, beautifully delivered.
DAVID CALCUTT is a poet, novelist and playwright. He has written plays for theatre and the BBC. His latest novel, The Map of Marvels, is published by Oxford University Press. He is currently working alongside fellow poets Jacqui Rowe and Deb Alma writing poems with people with Dementia in care homes in Herefordshire.

Also, to wrap up Rhymes as we know it with a special treat, we have the Decadent Poetry Divas, fresh from this year's Artfest. Four fantastic local female poets will be performing new work based around their experiences of being 'women of a certain age'.  Lorna Meehan will be covering that awkward/liberating post-teenage stage of turning twenty, budding poet Laura Yates will be focusing on being all 'grown up and responsible' in her thirties, Charlie Jordan will be examining the trails and tribulations of life in your forties, finishing with Maggie Doyle's take on the joys of your fifties. Cautionary tales, heart warming nostalgia and the occasional eyebrow raising confession, delivered with impeccable style.

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