Friday, September 30, 2011

BIRMINGHAM: Dice Slam (Hit The Ode Special)

Thursday, 13th October, 2011, 7pm, £7/£5
Ikon Eastside,
183 Fazeley Street,
Fazeley Studios,
B5 5SE

Is it a serious poetry competition? Is it absurdist comedy? No, it's the Dice Slam, a truly unique event bringing together an astounding number of top international performance poets and an absurd set of rules. The poets perform, we throw some dice, the result becomes their score - and a hand-picked jury of quick-witted experts attempts to justify it. The audience gets to vote for their favourite critic, and in the end, poetry wins. Not to be missed!
Featuring: “B-boy” Biru, Indigo Williams, Bernhard Christiansen, Bas Boettcher, Henry Bowers, Grzegorz Bruszewski, Abby Oliveira

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