Friday, September 10, 2010


Monday, September 13th, 2010, FREE
Charlie Wright's,
45 Pitfield Street,
N1 6DA

beat. v (beats, beating, beat; pats part. beaten)
1. hit someone repeatedly and violently. 2. hit something repeatedly. 3. defeat or be better than: he beat his own world record. 4 informal baffle someone. 5 (of the heart) throb. 6 (of a bird) move the wings up and down. 7. stir cooking ingredients vigorously. n 1 an act of of beating. 2 a main accent in music or poetry. 3 a brief pause. 4 an area patrolled by a police officer. informal completely exhausted.
phrases beat around the bush discuss a matter without coming to the point. beat down shine very brightly. beat it informal leave beat someone up attack someone and hit them repeatedly. off the beaten track isolated

BEAT - a poetry night like no other

DAVE BRYANT - has performed sets for (amongst others):
Apples and Snakes, BEAT, Utter!, New Blood, The George Tavern , The Cellar at The Poetry Cafe, Whitechapel Art Gallery , Novas Gallery , Tall Lighthouse , The Klinker . Y Tuesday Poetry Club, Borders Bookstore (RIP). Has been published alongside John Hegley and Paul Birtill in the Hearing Eye anthology of London writers and performers In The Company of Poets which is still commercially available. You can also find some of his work in the "Delinquent" series of anthologies which can be ordered through

PAULINE SEWARDS - writes accessible, observational poetry for performance. Since moving to London in late 2008 has read at a lot of the wonderful regular nights in the city including, BEAT, Unplugged at the Poetry cafe, Farrago, Catweazle, bang said the Gun and the Rose theatre Kingston

NICK STIBBS one of our favourite Cambridge poets returns. Radioman Nick likes Whitman and Neruda, has a degree in social science and social psychology and still finds people, including himself quite weird

SIOFRA MCSHERRY - bookworm and poet, sometimes art critic, curator, lit teacher, with special panache for american writers, bouncing between the States, native Ireland and London

ALEXANDER THANNI - 'The Reverend' preaches his mantra to all, with some fine sounds and arresting politics



ANDREAS GRANT - a London based poet, promoter and visual artist. Kicked of as a performance poet in February 2009, since then performed at: Dark Carnival, Old Vic Tunnels 2010, Summer festivals Standon Calling & Kimberly and these nights(amongst many others); Unlit, Hammer & Tongue, Writer's Block, Book Club Boutique, Rum Punch, Hackney Empire, Everybody's Got to Be Somewhere, Brighton, Whitechapel Art Gallery, the Social, et. published: Beat the Dust lit mag, 20 Hoxton Street Gallery Art Mag. Has run his own performance nights in the West and East End of London: Glitterbeast, Not Night, THISISNOTABAR, No Strings Attached and now - BEAT

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