Thursday, September 23, 2010

BIRMINGHAM: Rhymes On The Roof

Friday, September 24th, 2010, 8pm
The Old Fire Station,
Moseley Road,

As well as upcoming talent, a chilled-out atmosphere, and cake! Limited spaces, advanced booking is recommended.

Yes, you read it right. Weather permitting, September Rhymes will be coming to you live from the intimate roof space of RoguePlay's new space. Bringing you the usual poetry goodness and awesome Raffle, but this time with a pretty view and some fresh Brummie air too, so bring a brolly and a jumper just in case and come get poetical! This month's poets are;

Bohdan Piasecki, a Polish poet who currently lives in England. He represented Poland at the 2007 Poetry Slam World Cup in Paris and proudly wore the title of the 2008 Hammer & Tongue Oxford Season Slam Champion, and was an artist in residence at the European Poetry Slam Days in Berlin in 2009. Bohdan is also the West Midlands Programme Coordinator for Apples & Snakes Performance Poetry Organisation.
"His intense delivery and ability to express what many people struggle to put into words won the audience over." Julia Bell, Oxford Daily Info

Afrobehn, who explores the ways in which the creative and the theological interact and inform each other and how spoken word blurs the boundaries between poetry, prose and drama. Her writing is shaped by her experience of mental illness and her interest in theology and gender. She has written and performed with the r:evolve theatre company and Apples and Snakes in Things That Can't Be Said.

Lady Josephine Whittle a.k.a Claire Corfield. Since graduating from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 2002, Claire has worked extensively as a comedy performer; from twisted cabaret theatre company Voodoo Vaudeville, to Rogueplay's improvisation troupe, Funbags. Claire invites you to meet character comedy creation Lady Josephine Whittle, whose poems may not be everyone's cup of tea, but then neither is her dress sense.

M.C Lorna Meehan

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