Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sunday, 23rd May, 2010, 7.30pm, £3/£2
The Fox,
Leamington Spa

Each month we also invite a fabulous guest performance poet and this month we have the lyrical and engaging charms of Fay Roberts. Fay is a 35-year-old classically-trained singer from Cardiff who has been getting on stages since the early 80s. She was finally bitten by the performance poetry bug in spring 2006 after a favour to a friend turned into a place in the final of a poetry slam.

She has co-managed and co-hosted Poetry Kapow since 2007 in Milton Keynes, frequently performs in various parts of the Midlands and South East, and is part of a Milton Keynes poetry collective calling themselves Bardcore. She is currently a professional pedant, still sings in choirs and everywhere else and, since summer 2009, has been based in Cambridge.

Fay’s poetry is both thoughtful and heartfelt, with plenty thrown in about love, relationships, the perils of getting older, illusion, delusion and problems with the colour orange. Fay has performed poetry in pubs, clubs, theatres, tents, shopping centres and stately gardens, in Open Mic, showcases, features, support, collaboration, competition and costume. Sometimes she bangs a drum, and sometimes she performs in silence, while the words flutter in front of her...

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With open mic support from…….yes……YOU!
Come and share your poems - seasoned poets & first time performers most welcome! As we aim for a 7.30pm start please arrive a bit earlier to book a slot!!!

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