Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BIRMINGHAM: Milorad KrystanovichMilorad Krystanovich

Thursday, 27th May, 2010, from 7.30pm, FREE
The Quaker Central Hall,
The Priory Rooms,
Bull Street,
B4 6AF

The launch of Improvising Memory, by Milorad Krystanovich

Please join us to celebrate the arrival of Milorad Krystanovich’s sixth collection of poetry with an evening of readings from the book by Milorad Krystanovich and David Hart, Julie Boden, Hazell Hills, John Alcock, Cathy Perry, Martin Underwood, Don Barnard and Jane Commane. Readings will be complimented with music composed on the cello and violin in response to Milorad's poems.

In Improvising Memory, Milorad Krystanovich releases the characters trapped in a tableaux of negatives and breathes into them a remarkable life of their own. Portraits step down from their frames and exist amongst us; before our eyes they age and alter, ponder their own flaws, confines and mysteries. These beautifully-detailed poems explore the spaces between images with a patient and delicately-balanced language that moves in circles and echoes, creating a lyrical resonance in the act of both observing and being observed. Freeze-frame fragments become striking and graceful poem-scenes, alive with moments tangible and fleeting, just out of reach or coming into focus at the edge of sight.

“In this subtle book, full of verbal, atmospheric, relational surprises, there is shadowy light, the moods of weather, light and dark, day and night, of moonlight, of sea, a beach, between waking and dusk, of dreams and day dreams” - From the Foreword by David Hart

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