Monday, November 30, 2009


Tuesday, 1st December, 2009, 7pm-10.30pm, £4.50 entry / £3.50 concessions
The Good Ship,

wordPLAY London spoken word extravaganza presents:
'wordPLAN - Twisted Christmas' - all proceeds to Plan International

The time has come for the last wordPLAY of the year...and it's going to be a 'cracker' (don't you judge me!!!)

Expect the usual laid-back, all-welcoming atmosphere of the jingle-all-the-way Good Ship and general jollity of the wordPLAY audience, who don't miss a beat...unless they're at the bar or 'avin a fag...

Twisted Christmas is the loose theme, though the day when the acts start listening to/obeying anything Becca tells them to do will be the day hell freezes over...though it is Winter in England, so who knows. Eeeeeeeeeenjoy my pretties...and of course: spread the word.

Featured Writers:

Mab Jones - Welsh wonder down in the smoke to show you English how to spit it

Guest Stars:
Pia Hansen - Quadrilingual general all-round good egg rocks superb short stories

Steven Sanderson - From far up past the Watford Gap gives us Southerners a taste of Northern (words from the) soul

Jack Stannard - Cheeky chappy dappy rhymes and verse from this talented young poet

Alexander Thanni - 'The Reverend' preaches his mantra to all, with some fine sounds and arresting politik

MUSIC: Susannah Pearse - spine-tingly haunting vocals from this composer and one-of-a-kind singer-songwriter

+ your host Nancy Clarik - some say she wanes with the moon...some say she just plain odd (Becca has been taken away for a month after losing it in Trafalgar Square and indiscriminately decapitating pigeons and tourists alike with manic glee).

+ Raffle-Lit...the prize may be wine. Or it may be books. Or we may branch out...edge of seat stuff. Each paying guest gets a chance to win - hooray!

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