Sunday, November 01, 2009

LONDON: Hammer and Tongue

Monday, November 2nd, 2009, 7.30pm, £5/£4
Green Note Cafe
106 Parkway

Call Michelle on 07809 236133 for more details

Remember, remember the SECOND of November! Brrrrr, cold! It's time for toffee apples and sparklers and long dark nights and mulched leaves and frost and dodgy fireworks and fingerless gloves and all that autumn jazz! We are all bonfired up to announce H&T's November line-up with two very, very incredible, chill-blasting poets...

Zena Edwards:
"A poet of consummate skill... truly extraordinary" - The Guardian
“One of the most refreshing, ever-developing voices in the UK”- Pure Poetry
“Internationally acclaimed - creates her own intricate, mesmerising and unforgettable performance”- Apples And Snakes

Paula Varjack:
......who comes from London, Washington and other cities she's forgotten. Last year she was nominated for “Best Performance by an International Poet” in the Farrago London Slam awards. She premiered her first solo show - Kiss and Tell - at Hau Zwei as part of the Berlin 100 grad theatre festival. She has collaborated with music producers, backdraft, Cloudfist Conceptz (aka Jonas McCloud), Filtig and Dj That F**ing Sara, to find beats that go with her words. She has been compared to that lady who found herself in a garden with a pretty but stupid boy, and a sexy but dangerous snake. As far as her performances are concerned, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be varjacked...

PLUS... special guest poet and the OPEN SLAM- sign up from 7.30pm for a chance to win a place in the Hammer and Tongue London slam final (slammers get in for free).

Hosted with acerbic wit and an erratic blend of spiked heels and dishevelment by Michelle Madsen, Angry Sam and Sophia Blackwells, with music from H&T DJs.

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