Saturday, February 14, 2009

LONDON: Sundays at the Oto

Sunday, February 15th, 2009, 3pm-5 pm, £4 entry.
Café Oto,
18-22 Ashwin Street,
E8 3DL

Presented by Peter Philpott, and featuring Sarah Jacobs, Richard Makin, Dawn Scarfe and Mel Gough.

Art, language and music come together. Sarah Jacobs is a sculptor making objects, performance, installation, books on paper, and books in electronic form. Her electronic piece Deciphering Human Chromosome 16: We Report Here uses text in a visual way to document the ethical, economic, political and philosophical polemics associated with mapping the human genome, and their changes through time
Richard Makin is a writer of fiction and poetry and a visual artist. Experience his language as a complex and haunting landscape to drift across.
Carillon is an experimental sound performance by artists Dawn Scarfe and Mel Gough. Guitars are tuned to resonant nodes in cymbals to produce a rich bell-like sound. The aim is to investigate accents and textures within the spectrum of resonant sound in immersive and meditative live exploration. Expect from this afternoon completely new stances on language, music and performance!

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