Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Middle Monday at Rio: Open Mic with Headliners

Middle Monday at Rio
December 15, 8pm - ten-thirty-ish
The Rio Cafe
27 Hyndland Street
Glasgow G11

Middle Monday meet this time around, cos you`ll all be round at your Auntie Morag`s eating Meltis Fruits and playing Canasta on the last Monday of the month.

Kevin Cadwallender and Eddie Gibbons are the headline acts. Kevin is the author of Rewiring Houdini, The Complete Baz and numerous other books, Scottish Editor of Red Squirrel press and a consummate balancer on the pin-point of humour and human soul. Eddie too is a much-published poet, a prize-winner in this year`s prestigious Edwin Morgan competition. Expect him to range across subjects from Schrodinger`s catflap to sharing a changing-room with Emily Dickinson.

This is the shout out for as many poets, punters and polemicists as poss to come up and do a three minute spot. Cos it`s Christmas! Contact robin.cairns@btconnect.com and form an orderly rammy. Robin Cairns is your compere.
The mike is open, the minutes are yours, speech is free and so`s admission - at the Rio Cafe, where the only thing square is the sausage!

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