Tuesday, December 09, 2008

LONDON: Bingo Master's Breakout

Friday, December 12th, 2008, 7.30pm, FREE
St Aloysious Social Club
20 Phoenix Road

Poetry Karaoke
Sign up for a spot - One poem and one karaoke song. We're looking to have to limit this to about 15 spots and on past experience it usually gets full by around 8pm.
A Oner behind the ramp if you're early enough.
Complimentary buffet - which may or may not involve turkey and stuffing.
A cavalry of samosas when my parents turn up around 9-ish.
The Half time album
And the end of night group Karaoke singalong - this one is a cracker, so to speak.
Poetry from Jon 'One more job' Oyster in his Fred Perry Cardigan who'll also be the Bingo caller for the CASH PRIZE BINGO.
Music from Mr Damo Waters aka 'Muddy Suzuki' - doing a Karaoke set of his own songs

Come on down to the Office Party YOU DESERVE and not the one you're likely to get.

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Anonymous said...

Is Mark E Smith aware of your use of this name?