Thursday, May 15, 2008

SWINDON: Poems & Pints & Music!

Poems & Pints & Music! – a night of verbal and musical high jinks,with Elvis, Ashley, Sara-J, Maggie, and the Minnesota Twins!
Friday, 16th May, 2008, 7.30pm, £4.50 (£3.50)
Arts Centre,
Devizes Road,
Tel: 01793 614837

Performance poetry from four fabulous versifiers, and the music of youth, as part of Swindon Festival of Literature. Here is a quartet of experienced stand-up poets and young musicians who bring linguistic thrills, musical spills, and excitement, plus not a little food for thought, to the Festival’s antepenultimate night at the Arts Centre.

Radio 4 wit, 2006 World Slam Champion, armchair revolutionary and recumbent rocker, Elvis McGonnagall is the sole resident of The Graceland Caravan Park, where he writes verse while drinking malt whisky.

Reading bard with a comical beard, and assorted poetry collections to his name, including Postcards from the Hedgehog, Ashley Harrold is a multiple Slam winner and a tasty dish for word and poetry lovers, whatever their diet.

Sweet-talking Sara-Jane Arbury makes words mean more than they lay claim to in even the best dictionaries. She excels at short, sharp, gentle shock treatment.

Former winner of the Guyana Prize for Literature, Maggie Harris is a prolific writer of prose and poems. Her work takes her, and her readers, across land and sea to you and me.

Talented, home-grown, young, and beautiful, the Minnesota Twins, aka Casey, Jaz, Kit, Ben, Mike, and Jacob make music that reaches parts you really want reached. They also make you want to write home, or at least to your lover.

This promises to be an evening that will make you like people you already like a little bit more!

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