Thursday, May 08, 2008

Apples & Snakes: Zena Edwards

19 May 2008 @ 7.45pm
Warwick Arts Centre
Book: 020 7223 2223 /

Written and performed by Zena Edwards

Set within the beating heart of London, the chaotic stories of five characters in crisis are exposed through the eye of a camera. What happens when one generation collides with another and cultural expectations clash? Does the flash of a blade in broad daylight mean the end or the beginning of security? Find out when age and youth battle as Palestine meets Peckham. This comical and moving tale of unexpected friendship confronts the issues of security and identity through a fusion of performance poetry, theatre, movement and song.

Security is a newly commissioned piece pioneering the crossover of performance poetry into theatre in the UK. As performer and writer, Zena Edwards, takes storytelling into the twenty-first century.

Zena Edwards is a mesmerizing performer of deeply lyrical, musical, streetwise poetry. The Verb - BBC Radio 3

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