Wednesday, October 24, 2007

***1000th Blog Post on Poets on Fire!***

This is actually the 1002nd post now, but I didn't want to let the moment slip by without proper commemoration!

Poets on Fire has been going since January 2006, so nearly two years but not quite. In that time, I've far surpassed my own slender vision for the site, which was simply to promote those poetry events which came to my attention - mainly London-based or in my own region, the Midlands.

There's plenty to celebrate here indeed. Poets on Fire now promotes live poetry right across the UK and Ireland, and occasionally even beyond! Far from being a mere spin-off from my poetry blog, Raw Light, this site is now far more visible and popular than any of my other sites.

35,000+ visitors so far, with the average weekly number growing all the time!

Although I haven't managed to persuade people to review for the site very often - i.e. live events they've attended - or to send me interviews with poets and performers, the number of visitors this site has enjoyed is easily in excess of what I'd envisaged at the beginning.

But if you'd like to send me reviews or interviews as outlined above, or even an article about live poetry, email me at j.holland442 @ and I'll be happy to consider your submission.

No payments, of course, but there are always other reasons - just as good - for getting your work online. 35,000 reasons, in this case!

Thanks for all your support. Keep the poetry news coming!

Jane x

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