Friday, September 28, 2007

Jackie Wills launches 'Commandments'

Jackie Wills: The 'Commandments' Tour

Poet Jackie Wills launches her fourth collection of poetry, 'Commandments', from Arc (October 07). More details about this brand-new collection can be found online at Arc Publications.

LONDON: Coffee-House Poetry at the Troubadour in London, Monday October 8 with CK Williams, Janice Moore-Fuller and Roz Goddard.

LIMERICK: The 12th Cuisle, Limerick City International Poetry Festival, 19 October 2007, with Michael Longley and Theo Dorgan.

LEWES LIVE LIT FESTIVAL: The Royal Oak pub, Tuesday 23 October, with Matthew Sweeney, music Martin Harley.

FOLKESTONE: Folkestone Literary Festival, Thursday November 8. The Leas Club, Folkestone, 11 am.

BRIGHTON: Wear your party shoes. Thursday 15 November, Shakespeare's Head. 7.30 pm.

FOREST ROW: The Poetry Cafe, Friday 16 November 7.30 pm, Forest Row Community Centre.

"Commandments is Jackie Wills' fourth collection and within it she investigates religion, relationships and the mind. Her poems contain a cast as diverse as Fidel Castro, a teenage rapper, priest, adulterer, seamstress and girls in fairy wings on the Palace pier. Wills' poetry has always drawn on the surrealism of the everyday. This collection identifies crossing points where rules are broken, questioned or no longer make sense. According to Wills, these can happen at random, any time and anywhere in the world: digging the garden, watching impala on a scorched savannah or walking through the streets of Brighton. There's salsa, jazz, humour and passion in Commandments as Wills shows people at their most ludicrous and poignant."

ISBN: Paperback 978 1904614 11 1
Price: £8.99

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