Friday, August 17, 2007

Poets' Cafe in Reading: Friday 17th August

Friday 17th August – Poets’ Café, South Street Arts Centre, South Street, Reading. 8pm for 8.30pm. £6/£4.

"This month’s Poets’ Café is a bit special in that we don’t have a special guest coming from afar to interrupt our open mic extravaganza with their poems – this month, as a summer treat, the whole night is to be given over to poets who’ve come armed with a little handful of poems getting up and reading them. Also, of course, it’s given over to people who want to come and hear just what it is that makes Reading such a great place to be writing and hearing poetry in – because there’s always plenty of good stuff that we only ever catch a glimpse of each month … this time come and shine, poets of Reading and environs."

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