Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More Poejazzi Zaniness: TONIGHT Tuesday August 7th


PoeJazzi Edinburgh Preview!

Tuesday August 7th, 6pm doors open; start 8pm prompt.
Volupte Bar, No 9 Norwich Street, off Furnival Street, EC4A 1EJ
(Close to Chancery Lane tube , after McDonalds)
£10 ticket reservations: please call 0207 8311622
or email lordgokal@hotmail.com
leaving name, mobile number and number of seats you'd like

Spoken word and music night with a killer line-up that will see queues of cool peeps right down the street... (TimeOut No.1 Critic's Choice, January 2007 AND Listed among 101 Things To Do In London 2007!)

It's PoeJazzi. after a stellar sold-out performance featuring Poeticat and Drum and Flute, someone mentioned it would be impossible to beat July's show. We laughed. Hard. A lot. Then said 'Done.

Who's On?
Elizabeth Amato: (Poet: myspace.com/eamato ) She came, she saw, she astounded the Poetry cafe last year. PiP love geniuses, so we kept in touch with the american... and now she's back in london, to deliver a preview to her forthcoming show in Edinburgh, which could possibly be the poetry show. TO END ALL EDINBURGH POETRY SHOWS! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Terms and Conditions Apply. Evil Laugh Not INcluded In Preview.)

Abraham Gibson: (Poet) London Transport Laurate, One of the funniest and insightful men in poetry today, and a PiP personal favourite. Come hear some beautiful love poetry, and council tales about the coolest elderly ladies you will ever meet.

Heidi Vogel: (Acoustic: myspace.com/heidilevo ) Every now and then, you see an act so outstanding, a presence so confident and mesmerisingly awesome. Heidi recently decimated an Acoustic Soul night down south. We expect the same at Poe. She Is Not To Be Missed.

Julie Mckee: (Jazz: myspace.com/juliemckeesinger) A standout moment at the July Poe was Julie's five minutes on the Piano. Distinctive and affectionate, we bring her in for a full set. She will wow you.

N.B: Some spellings have been corrected here to protect those who might otherwise have thought that was the correct spelling. I may have missed some. Enjoy. Ed.

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