Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BIRMINGHAM: The Rhymes Milton Keynes Take-Over

Wednesday, 18th May, 2011, 8pm, £5 
The Station Pub,
Kings Heath
Join the Rhymes Slam Winner 2010, the fabulous Mark Niel and his fellow poet friends from Milton Keynes...
Half-pintsized poet, minx and mischief maker Danni Antagonist, fond of rhyming stuff with other stuff, and shouting it at anyone not quick enough to run away.
Fay Roberts, who co-manages Poetry Kapow! with Danni and performs in various parts of the Midlands and South East, as well as being part of Milton Keynes poetry collective Bardcore. She also co-hosts the Cambridge chapter of Hammer & Tongue.
Donna Scott, an energetic comedian, short-fiction writer and editor as well as an awesome poet and was also the very first official Bard of Northampton from 2009-2010.
Mark Niel, a true ambassador of performance poetry, who has won Slams hands down all over the UK and is the host of the Tongue in Chic Poetry and Spoken Word events in Milton Keynes as well as being a comedian, actor and singer.
Tickets via www.rogueplay.co.uk
For more info and to see clips, go to the 'Rhymes' Facebook group or www.myspace.com/rhymesnight

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