Sunday, April 03, 2011


Monday, 4th April, 2011, 8.30pm-11.30pm
 Charlie Wrights
45 Pitfield Street
N1 6DA
Created by:          
BEAT, Andreas Grant
Bombs are raining over Libya, radiation clouds over Japan, there's a lot of things in the air... meanwhile in Ol Blighty we're all starting to fall in love with life again. To celebrate this joyus occation called spring we at BEAT HQ are prepping a gloriously jam packed scud missile of talent for your listening pleasure;
MC Curious - London MC Legend MC Curious debut on the BEAT stage!
Pauline Sewards - the queen of idosyncratic delivery returns
Alfred Lord Telecom - the king of quaint
Lisa Jayne, the better half of Brighton poet and BEAT favourite Ben Graham and a brilliant poet in her own right
Blue Ice - Swedish/Brighton based wordsmith and first timer on the BEAT stage
+ Live Music from LA Salami as seen in BEAT Soho
...and MC/WMD Andreas Grant, at your service
as always we charge a smile but you can keep your money

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