Friday, April 02, 2010

GALWAY: Susan Millar DuMars and Kevin Higgins book launch

Saturday, 3rd April, 2010, 1pm
The City Museum,
Spanish Arch,

Salmon Poetry invites you to the Galway launch of Dreams for Breakfast, by Susan Millar DuMars, and Frightening New Furniture, by Kevin Higgins. Launch introductions by Annie Deppe and John Kenny.

In her second poetry collection, Susan Millar DuMars patrols the dangerous border between daylight’s fragile peace and the dark reckonings of our dreams. The poems are sensual, surreal, dark and darkly funny. Sarah Palin loses her head; Albert Speer plants a garden; Plato’s ghost stares into an empty fridge while Stephen Fry bestows Champagne kisses. Women lose their faces but find their voices as “We dive into / the language sea.” Go on. Take the plunge.
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In poems laced with the blackest humour, Kevin Higgins spares no-one, least of all himself. In this his third collection of poetry, he takes the reader through the hubris of boom time Ireland and out the other side into a strange country where everything is suddenly broken again. Just when Ireland imagined itself to have finally escaped history, the statues of virgins and freedom fighters are on the move again. Higgins goes all the way into the dark to investigate what’s left when youthful political idealism – his ‘old political furniture’ – gives way under the sheer weight of what actually happens. As ever, the City of Galway is one of his pet subjects, and he takes time out to bring to hilarious life its bookshop romancers and women who decide to be fascinating.
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