Thursday, October 15, 2009

BIRMINGHAM: 'Rhymes' Halloween special

Thursday, October 29th, 2009, 8pm, £5
Custard Factory Reception

Feel free to dress for the occasion in appropriate ghoulish attire

Brendan Higgins is insightful, spiteful, frightful and delightful and full of grit, wit and spit that will educate, suffocate and subjugate.

Marcus Ascotti hails from Campania, Southern Italy. Facially disfigured and tormented by his past, Ascotti roams the free world, casting dark light about him with his verses of division, frustrated love and parricide.

Simon Lee: Solicitor by day and poet by night, Simon likes to think of himself as the poet law-reate... though it's doubtful that anyone else does. Simon is a seasoned poetry slammer, including a win at last year's Cheltenham Science Festival slam.

Nicola Goff-The-Goth, bringer of joy and upliftment to audiences with her observations and inspirational songs about the world, sings to save the planet...although it's probably too late...

Guest MC: This month Rhymes will be resided over by America’s secret weapon of mass depression who's not remotely excited by Halloween, as in Melinda Deathgoth’s world, every day is Halloween, leave your optimism outside, it is futile!

Plus: The Scarily Cheap Rhymes Raffle, The Hideous Wordbag Challenge, and a seriously spine chilling Goth-Off!

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