Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trespass Launch: "Americana"

8:30-10pm, August 26 2009
The Enterprise, 2 Haverstock Hill, Camden, London

Trespass Magazine celebrates the launch of the 'Americana' issue by travelling North to share the love in Leeds this month, and then caps off the festivities in London with gay cabaret, performance art, brilliant poetry, short fiction and...a Michael Jackson sing-along. Join us as our band This Is It II sing (for those of you who want to get a bit of practice, although we will provide the words) such hits as Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Billy Jean and more. It really doesn't get much better than this-it really is It.

Featuring: Music from Peter Scott-Presland doing cabaret and Romy Northover performing alongside her co-creator Kiera Fox as part of the performance art duo 'Constantinoplex'. Join us as the This Is It II band (for one night only!) will also be playing for our Michael Jackson Sing-along!

As well as this we have a vast array of literary talent including: John Stiles, Sabrina Mahfouz, Heather Taylor, Henrietta Cullinan, Stephanie Petrik, Agnes Meadows, Jacqui Saphra, Anna McKerrow and more!

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