Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LONDON: The Rambling Tongue

Friday, July 3rd, 2009, 7pm-late
Price: £25 for food and poetry (7pm-late)
£5 for poems and dancing (10pm-late)
The Oubliette Arthouse
170 Westminster Bridge Road,

07809 236 133

Hammer and Tongue London presents The Rambling Tongue

Fusing food for the mind and the body in the cavernous belly of the Oubliette in Waterloo, foodrambler and Hammer and Tongue London join forces to bring you the best of London's poetry and feasting in one evening of sensory bliss.

The team that brought the massive salad toss to last year's Antic Banquet are taking over the catacombs of one of London's most innovative new art spaces: the Oubliette.

A 60-room former language school and hostel, the Oubliette has been transformed into a maze of theatres, galleries and cinemas by a 14-strong collective of artists over the past month. Although the collective won the first court case, meaning that the Oubliette is safe for the next few weeks, it's likely that the owners will get the property back fairly soon so this (unless we are very lucky) is going to be a one-off extravaganza.

We will turn the basement of the building into a banqueting hall, where poets will punctuate a sumptuous three course feast with words to feed the soul. From 10pm we pass the space over to
a group of the UK's finest spoken word artists, including Salena Godden, Dizraeli and Kate Tempest, hosted by the soulful Angry Sam and the bitingly wicked Michelle Madsen. DJs and dancing will follow to keep the festivities going into the early hours.

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La nouvelle said...

Lovely free video podcast featuring Hammer & Tongue's Michelle Madsen and Angry Sam on iTunes. Search for 'The Oubliette Arthouse'.