Friday, May 08, 2009

GALWAY: Amnesty Freedom Cafe relaunch

Wednesday, May 14th, 2009, 12.30pm-9pm
Amnesty International Freedom Café
2-3 Middle Street

Launch of the new-look Amnesty Freedom Café, with poetry, talks, music and, of course, great coffee. Featuring poets Rita Ann Higgins, Mary O Malley, Kevin Higgins and Pete Mullineaux, musicians Bobo, Ivan and Anna, and Nicole Blue.

Since it opened seven years ago the Amnesty International Freedom Café has become a vital and lively part of Galway’s community. Over that time nearly one thousand people have volunteered in the café and on the various human rights campaigns we have worked on.

The café recently received a long overdue makeover and will now be open from 8am every morning. We think this calls for a celebration - we are delighted to invite the Galway public to our opening celebration.

“Our café has long been a hub for activists and campaigners in Galway and we hope the new layout and extended opening hours will help to make this an even better location for community organising,” said Sarah Clancy , Campaigns Officer with Amnesty International Ireland.

“We would like to extend an open invitation to likeminded arts and social justice organisations to make use of our café as a location for meetings, film screenings and events.”

‘Space for discussion’ is the theme of the first part of the day.

Rita Ann Higgins, Mary O’ Malley and Kevin Higgins, three of Galway’s best known poets will hold a free lunchtime poetry reading from 12.30pm until 2pm. These three poets are well known locally for dealing with issues of social justice in their work and this will be no exception.

The lunchtime poetry readings will be followed by some lively performance poetry and music by Pete Mullineaux and a reading by journalist and author Michael McCaughan from his forthcoming book about the the case of death row inmate, writer and political activist Mumia Abu Jamal. The events will continue with music from some of Galway’s favourite performers including Nicole Blue, BO- BO and Ivan & Anna all of whom are regulars at the long running Unchained Melodies sessions that take place every Thursday in the Freedom Café.

After the music Noeleen Hartigan , Programmes Director for Amnesty International, will officially open the revamped Amnesty International Freedom Café at 5 pm with a discussion of our work in Ireland.

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