Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MILTON KEYNES: Poetry Kapow!

Saturday, April 11th, 2009, 7pm for 7.30pm, £4/£3
MADCAP Performing Arts Centre,
Creed Street,
Milton Keynes.

Performers get biscuits, and anyone signing up in advance gets a poetry goody-bag!

We’re a small poetry “collective” dedicated to live performance poetry in and around Milton Keynes (and anywhere else we can get to by car, train, bus or foot). As well as annoying countless other poetry organisers in the Midlands and South East on a regular basis, we put on performance poetry nights (Kapow!s) in one of the genuinely old bits of Milton Keynes , Wolverton.

Poetry Kapow!s are varied, eclectic nights taking in elements of slam competition, open mic poetry, acoustic music from local artists, written competitions, and interactive poetry art pieces and other “happenings”. They differ from the usual night in these parts by being more theatrical, competitive and punchy – more about the performance and less about the strict, literary poetry stance.
07904 488009

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