Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Cult poets and 21st-century ranters
Soho Theatre, 21 Dean St, W1
27 February 2008
Box office: 0870 429 6883
£8 / £6

An evening of skewed garage-poetry.

Novelist, singer, songwriter, painter and poet Billy Childish is one of those figures forever flitting around the peripheries of the public imagination. Tonight, in the wake of his recent spoken word CD Poems of a Backwater Visionary, he dredges some soulsick verse from the depths of the Medway Delta and demonstrates the power of his gloriously hard-to-pin-down mind.

Husky beat-survivor Fran Landesman and socially-sussed spitter Riz MC get the evening off to a storming start. And with the totally-wired compering of harmonica-toting William Stopha, this promises to be the sort of night that cults are made of.


DON'T SHUSH ME; Apples & Snakes in the library
Thurs 28 February @ 7.30pm
Bishopsgate Institute
£7 / £5
Box office: 020 7392 9220

They say that you can take the poet out of the library, but you can't take the library out of the poet. Or something. Tonight, though, five of our finest poets will be ricocheting their rhymes and baring their souls between the oak shelves of East London's foremost historical archive.

Featuring Jude Simpson - self-confessed streetwise spinster and perennial favourite
at the Edinburgh Fringe. Talking Tekla the Narrata - verbal tornado with a thousand shaggy-dog tales up his sleeve. Dave Bryant - aspirational Southend lyricist, tough on the outside, soft at the centre. Jasmine Cooray - insightful observer with a thought-provoking, socio-political stance. And with the avuncular compering of Patric Cunnane. We think you'll agree that there something for everyone here. And wine will
be served. If that helps to sway you.

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