Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PUREandGOODandRIGHT with Marcus Moore this Sunday, 20th January


presents Poetry and Pints with Marcus Moore, with an evening of diverse poetry including excerpts from his hit show, Death and Taxes.

Text Box: Being very naive, Marcus finds poetry more exciting than policy documents, more inspiring than strategic initiatives. He will continue to smile at strangers, even when it becomes illegal to do so. Death and Taxes is his new performance piece, now being taken for a walk round lively venues with friendly faces. Warning. Death and Taxes contains choice language, some cigarettes(!), no risk assessment or feedback forms, a few poems, one mild reference to the pudenda… oh, and a straightforward rhyme for banker. Only two things are certain. Marcus will explore the rules governing death and how to off-set disallowable capital expenditure against VAT. Not suitable for those who'd rather spend the evening ticking boxes or shopping online.

With open mic support from … YOU!

Come, share your poems! Seasoned poets and first time poetry performers most welcome!

The Fox, 32 Clarendon Avenue, LEAMINGTON SPA CV32 4RZ.
Sunday, 20th January
Admission £3 (OAP & NUS £2)

For details: www.kellywit.com

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