Sunday, November 25, 2007

Storm and Spandex: London, Tuesday 27th November

Storm and Spandex

Tuesday 27 November 2007, 8pm.
Upstairs at the Old Crown, 33 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1BL.
Free entry.

Variety night with featured performances from poets Lee Wilson, Paul Birtill and Bertram Trotar, music and open mic. Hosted by Lucy Leagrave.

Sign up for open mic 7 - 7.30pm.

"Lucy Leagrave, hostess of London's most 'bizarre dinner-party' strikes again - this time in Lurex. Gracing the table will be the Unholy Trinity of Poetry - Lee Wilson, Paul Birtill and Bertram Trotar. Playing and dancing their little hearts out will be John 'Jazzman' Clarke and 'Swing It!'. There's a seat and a plate reserved for each and everyone of you poets, jesters, story-tellers, singers, on-lookers. Sandwiches and cake for the hungry hordes (cause you?ll come straight over from your little offices, right?). Fun and games and sick humour on top. And - all of this is absolutely free, so if you don?t turn up, I must assume you're dead, my dear."

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