Saturday, September 30, 2006

National Poetry Day at the Po Soc: Thursday 5th October

OCTOBER 5th, as I'm sure you all know, is NATIONAL POETRY DAY. This year's theme, as I'm sure you also know, is 'Identity'.

Celebratory live poetry events will be happening up and down the land, of course, on next Thursday. But here, as a taster, is what's happening in one small area of London. At the Poetry Society headquarters (22 Betterton Street, near Covent Garden) many famous poets & poet-performers will be massing together for an entire afternoon and evening of pure poetry and plenty of alcoholic beverages (I hope and imagine!).

The basic line-up:

From 3pm to 6pm: £4/3 NATIONAL POETRY DAY - IDENTITY PARADE hosted by Nii Parkes and John Hegley great line-up incl Rise Slam winners and Jackie Kay – drop in. See below for full details of who's on when.

And at 8pm, absolutely FREE, you can 'Celebrate NPD with The Organisers': Roddy Lumsden, Agnes Meadows, Adam O’Riordan, Nii Parkes, Niall O’Sullivan & l.k. robinson

Schedule for National Poetry Day:

3.00pm Intro Nii Parkes and John Hegley
3.03pm New Blood – Wayne Smith (one of the hosts), Sara Byrne & Ash tbc
3.22pm African Writers – Hisham Matar (Shortlisted for Booker Prize)
3.40pm Tall Lighthouse - Maria Morales & Asan Ugborogho
4.00pm The Cellar –Tim Wells (shortlisted for a Forward Prize)
4.15pm Loose Muse – Patricia Foster Ebele and Agnes Meadows
4.35pm Exiled Writers INK – Mir Mahfuz Ali
4.50pm Dodo Modern Poets - tba
5.05pm Broadcast – Ahren Warner & Roddy Lumsden
5.25pm Rise Slam Poets – Shadow 1 & Clown, Eltham Hill Technology College
for Girls & Cashman
5.45pm Jackie Kay

Do you know of a local live poetry event for National Poetry Day next Thursday? Email as many details as possible on your event to jane @ and I will post them up on this blog. Emails to be received by Wednesday 4th October at the very latest.

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